Ok let’s get one thing clear here you do not get to know anybody just after one date, the only thing you do know is whether you enjoyed yourself or not.  Of course you feel excited and of course you feel flattered and even sometimes feel irritated but these emotions are not enough for you to start planning a future together. It takes a long time to get to know someone sometimes even a whole year so do be patient and take each date at a time. This is not easy I must admit, but if you have patience and take ownership of your life the following advice won’t be hard to grasp and embody.

Let’s get started with number one advice don’t go over the top to impress someone no no no just be yourself your date must be interested in you and only the authentic you therefore no need to show off how much money you earn or how fancy your life is and brag about your status especially if your status was not gained through genuine and honest intent. If you do insist though on ignoring this rule the chances are your romantic balloon may burst pretty fast.

Number two it’s best to remain calm cool and collective; if you are feeling extremely uncomfortable try to be silent and avoid talking nonstop…so kindly ask your “chatterbox” to keep quiet and concentrate on your emotions. On a first date is very important to be quiet and observe your date, observe body language, observe every little detail, use your senses; what do you see, how do you feel, what do you taste, what do you hear, what do you smell…. Your senses will answer more questions with accuracy than your mind will, so tell your mind to be still and just observe!!!!

Number three it’s just a first date so relax!  You might have quite a few first dates actually until you meet someone interesting enough who will be worth going out with on a second date. And finally if you find yourself to be indifferent and must have an intention then let it be a start of a new friendship. The best relationships are the ones that are based on friendship, so do take time to get to know each other and allow your relationship to develop gradually with grace.

This is fundamental advice for a first date I could have easily gone on and on giving you advice on how to behave like a gentleman or like a queen, what to say and what to avoid but that would only make you someone impressive and attractive and you don’t need that really!! All you need is to be yourself exactly who you are with your joy your pain your fear and your vices!!! Only then will you understand whether you truly resonate with the person sitting opposite you.

Oh! and one more thing make sure you already have collected and double-crossed some basic information regarding your date’s profile you wouldn’t want to date Mr/Mrs Charming and some months down the line to find out they were just ‘gold diggers’ or ‘aliens’ lol. Take care and be responsible of your life and do guard that heart of yours!!!

Yours truly