Happy Valentines to you all!!! I have promised you a spicy article today and I will not let you down.

Love is in the air and so is our need for intimacy and pleasure. So, how many of you are you actually having fun in your love life and making love with abundant joy?


Well, I know that we are in the 21st century and many of you have become sexually liberated. That is fantastic; but there are people out there who are still sexually repressed and who don’t know that there can be innocence and sensitivity when it comes to making love.  It is an extraordinary indulgence within a couple’s life that should be enjoyed and honoured.


Making love is an act that brings intimacy and strengthens the bond between a couple. To be open to such deep bonding we need to understand the purity of making love. This is a lesson that needs to be learned at the right time when maturity and the need for intimacy has awaken.

The joy of sexuality should not be connected to any fear or shame-based ideas.


Making love is an art, an art that we can explore and learn. Confidence will help embrace and allow sexual energy to flow.  Do not be intimidated by this force of sexual energy, and allow yourself the complete freedom to explore.  Making love is fun! Make love to your woman when you are feeling happy, joyous, on top of the world. Share that energy. Love your man when you are in the mood to dance and sing. Be totally comfortable with who you are and everything that you are. Your body is perfect just as it is!  Rid yourself of any limiting beliefs (e.g. weight, body image) and surrender to passion and euphoria.


There is no such thing as to how to make love, or when to make love or how many times. Each couple has its own needs and agenda and through communication both partners decide what works best for them.  So, don’t be afraid of your body. It is your temple, and you should be the first to honour and worship it.


Prepare your bedroom accordingly, transform into a haven lit with candles and soft music playing. Add sensual fragrance and use massaging oils.  Allow yourself to be playful. Put your
thoughts and worries aside and do not rush and make love with grace.


So, my precious friends indulge yourselves and be open to blissful pleasure.  Flirt with your partner kiss them passionately and hug them throughout the day. Don’t allow ignorance and ego to overshadow your most intimate bond.


Yours truly