In theory, it should be easy to love yourself, but in practice it is possibly the hardest lesson that you will have to learn in your journey of life, and you will be constantly challenged. The first thing you will need to understand, is that the most powerful gifts that you have been given, are to believe and trust in yourself.  Use them wisely and never ever lose sight of them, no matter what obstacles you face.

It is important to believe in yourself, to be aware of your qualities, your charisma and your uniqueness.  But let’s see…how conscious are you of this, when the reflection of who you are depends upon other people’s judgement of you, and upon your need for approval?  We are raised in a society where we are taught not to brag about ourselves because people will not like us. We learn that being proud is a ‘negative’ trait.  Instead, we are told that we should be modest, timid and keep a low voice. We hide away our qualities and at times, we hide them so well that we forget where we put them!

My aim is to support you as you discover a path towards the transformation that will lead to self-love.

Firstly, be open to change, and intentionally connect to, and observe people’s qualities. This will help you transform. Getting to know other people will help you discover who you truly are.  Each time you are inspired by someone or admire qualities in others, no matter how great they are, know that they also exist within you.

Always remember that even people’s ‘weaknesses’, insecurities, and fears can be an inspiring example. They will teach you that it is only human and natural to have them. And guess what! There is nothing wrong with you! How reassuring it is to know that ‘mistakes’ are actually part of being human! What a misconception it is for someone to believe that it is wrong to have ‘weaknesses’, and that it is failure to make ‘mistakes’, especially when you are programmed to believe that these ‘mistakes’ are irreversible. What a great relief, seriously!!!!  How empowering it is to realise that there is no right or wrong in this life and that ‘mistakes’ are actually lessons, and that your vulnerabilities and fears could actually be your power. Undoubtedly, life will give you many opportunities and experiences which will lead to the knowledge you need to make changes to YOUR reality, and to construct yourself in the way that you want, based on YOUR own vision.

After all, this is the meaning of growth and transformation.

Therefore, trust that you are brilliant, talented, and fabulous. As you rid yourself of the beliefs that limit your power, you will begin to see this brilliance within you.  

Once you learn to love yourself, you will not let a day go by without being truly grateful for who you are.


Yours Truly,